About Me

Zahraa Krayem

PhD Candidate & an Entrepreneur

I’m Zahraa(Zara) Krayem, born and raised in Lebanon Beirut, I came to New York few years ago to pursue my degree in Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation I joined Stony Brook University to continue my graduate (PhD) studies in Electrical engineering (Statistical Signal Processing).
Beside my research in the field of statistics and signal modeling , I enjoy reading and writing about Science, Engineering, Technology, and mathematics (STEM) education in the US. I design and run engineering camps for middle and high school students and conduct research in that field too. I enjoy and understand the importance of taking care of ones health and wellness. I was the CEO of OPEX Mount Sinai Fitness in New York and my mission was to make healthy lifestyle approachable and doable for all busy individuals. Upon pandemic shutdown, I closed my doors permanently in hopes for better opportunity and growth in my future career.

Email me: zahraastuart@gmail.com

Publications that Involves Me

Science Training & Research to Inform Decisions Student Spot Light
Valedictorian-Electrical Engineering
IEEE HKN President-Outstanding Chapter Award
Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Award
WISE Program
WISE Virtual Camp

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